Working with small businesses over the years, I saw a lot of them working and managing critical business processes using Excel files that start small but quickly grow out of proportion. As a developer, the security, scalability, integrity, and durability implications made me feel nervous every single time.

On many occasions, I was asked to build a full-scale app to replace the Excel file once it becomes too risky for the business to keep relying on a spreadsheet.

Like with every project, you have to go through several steps to produce a reliable service:

  1. Design the data model based on…

Amplication is an open-source development tool that helps developers create server-side applications fast. It generates quality Node.js applications without the developer spending time on repetitive coding tasks.

It’s quite simple: The developer easily creates data models, and easily configures role-based access control using an intuitive and beautiful UI, and Amplication auto-generates a server-side app based on TypeScript and Node.js and a client app with React.

The generated apps are built with great open-source libraries and technologies such as NestJS, Prisma, React, and PostgreSQL. …

Create server‑side applications, without coding

In many projects we find ourselves spending lots of time working on repetitive server-side tasks that don’t add any actual value to the project. Many frameworks and libraries offer huge progress in that area, but still, we find ourselves struggling with boilerplate code over and over again.

It’s been some time now that the buzzword of “low code” is floating around, in the context of tools that are designed to solve these problems of repetitive server-side tasks and boilerplate code.

There are some great tools out there, ranging from No-Code solutions such as Airtable and to Low-Code services targeted…

Yuval Hazaz

Co-Founder & CEO at Amplication

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